Clive Hyman

Outstanding professional at blending business strategy and finance. Experienced serial CFO with cash management, operational and M&A experience. Experienced M&A specialist – expertise in joint ventures, acquisitions, disposals in particular with a private equity flavour.

Founded own professional service practice which has been re-launched. Experienced at creating all types of deal structures, private equity fund structures and efficient international tax structures. Creating an advisory business around my own experience and strengths. Building a portfolio of non executive positions.

Founding partner of KPMG’s Transaction Services business in 1995. Specialties: My experience is substantial (over 25 years ) of deal origination and deal doing: in the corporate, mid-market and private equity sectors. In addition, I am able to diagnose business issues and devising solutions for how they can be fixed. Be delighted to help anyone with any business issues to see if I can help solve them.