Dennis Horner

COO Elahi Fusion Consulting Group, Head of Advisory Services

In my work, I’m passionate about helping clients to navigate an issue and emerge with an effective, workable solution. The art is to be pragmatic enough to create a solution, which is fit for purpose, rather than chasing unattainable perfection – there are inevitably trade-offs to be made in the face of factors such as cost, time or complexity.

Across all the advisory work I do, if there’s a problem that a client is struggling with, I believe it typically comes down to one of three things: people, process or technology. Working with client teams to address that problem, making sure that everyone is on-board with what we’re trying to achieve, is one of the most exciting and challenging things I do.

Typically, there’s almost always a moment when it all comes together, when realisation dawns and behaviours change – and that’s fascinating to observe.

In terms of my work history, I’m a chartered accountant and consultant, and I have worked within the professional services sector for over 25 years. Having qualified with KPMG, I became a partner in the firm in 2000 and was part of the consulting business that was sold to Atos in 2002.

During my time with Atos, I was part of the leadership team, led the Financial Management Practice and was on the European Centre of Excellence Board. In 2010, I moved to BDO to lead their Financial Management and Technology Consulting Practice.

Since joining Elahi Fusion Consulting in 2017, I’ve looked to bring to bear my experience of working with multi-national teams to develop, integrate and optimise global finance functions and to make best use of the technology available to clients. This can typically mean getting involved with everything from finance function diagnostics and analysis, changing the client operating model, including shared services, through to ERP system selection and implementation support.

With my wealth of experience, I am able to provide clients with the best advice possible while tailoring it to their specific circumstances and long-term goals. I pride myself on maintaining excellent working relationships with clients and making sure that they are comfortable with all the information presented to them throughout the process.