• Finance Function Reform

The traditional role of the finance function was always a straightforward one; protect the company assets, make payments, collect money and then report on all of the above. Much more is expected of today’s finance function. An effective finance function provides strategic direction and supports informed senior leadership decision-making. It plays its part in delivering sustainable growth through planning, budgeting, forecasting and working capital optimisation.

Our experts who have all held senior financial roles in a variety of industries can be called in to help when the finance function is not operating smoothly. This might be due to changes in senior personnel or because the expectations of the team have changed. Alternatively, there might be operational failures in financial controls or processes and issues stemming from inaccurate financial data or a change in legislation/regulations.

We’re able to help review your financial strategy and to assess the team’s capabilities and capacity. We can advise on (and implement) processes and policies and determine the suitability of your current finance technology platform and can start with a free one-day health-check of your finance function to demonstrate quite how much value we can bring.