Fund Raising

  • Fund Raising

Trying to raise capital for your business can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’ve never done it before. Many of the businesses that we work with find themselves in this situation. Typically, they’re small-to-medium sized businesses, looking to secure the injection of capital needed to fuel the next phase of their growth ambitions.

We help by asking the necessary questions; the ones any potential investor will surely ask. But we also identify whether it’s equity you need – or debt (or a combination of the two).

Whether reviewing your existing investor collateral or creating something from scratch, we’ll ensure your business’ investment potential is presented in the best possible light. We’ll focus on the information we know investors will home in on. This includes the market size and opportunity; what the money will be spent on; and what kind of business will be created with their investment. Most importantly, we’ll make sure you’ve articulated the calibre of your management team and their capacity for dealing with the issues they’ll no doubt face in the future.

We’ll work with you to produce everything you’ll need to put in front of an investor; the short sales pitch, the investment memorandum, the cash flow forecasts and a sensible valuation.

With these documents in place, our Capital Services experts will set about connecting you with suitable investors, drawing on our large network of venture capitalists, private equity houses, family offices and high net worth individuals. These are well-established contacts so we’ll know exactly what type of investment they’re looking for in terms of risk appetite, geography or market sector.

Our work doesn’t end when we find that suitable match, however. We’ll remain by your side throughout all the negotiations that will hopefully follow, from initial presentations right through to the moment of signing on the dotted line.