A well presented Information Memorandum (IM) plays a critically important part in the sale of any business. Created and used properly, it is a powerful tool, providing all the information required for a prospective buyer to correctly value their potential acquisition.

A typical IM will include a detailed description of the business and its operations, a summary of the sector it operates in and the market opportunities within that sector.  It will also include a financial analysis of the business’ historical results and future projections, as well as the likely structure and timetable for the deal and the process that will be followed once a sale is agreed.

We work closely with the seller to make sure the business is presented in the best possible light and that all the IM assertions are appropriately documented in a shared data room. In using the IM to market a business, we look to highlight the key selling points, clearly articulate all its leading attributes and secure a premium valuation, before closing out the deal in a pragmatic and timely fashion.