Clear Oil

Renewable energy, Russia

Recycling/cleaning oil plant to be built in Russia taking waste oil sludge from other refineries and using oil sludge remediation technology to produce refined crude oil.

Capital to be raised:       £190m

Debt:                                 £133m

Equity:                               £57m


Renewable energy, N. Italy

The company is a lead player in developing, operating and managing bio mass power stations in Northern Italy. They seek funds to acquire additional distressed assets and to acquire and/or build a small vegetable oil milling plant to create oil for the biomass projects.

Green Bond

Capital to be raised:       £30m

Hull & Seal Sands

Renewable energy, Newcastle UK

Two generation plants each in in their own Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).  Each is a waste to energy plant generating 16.4 MWe of electricity. The two locations are West Melton, near Hull and Seal Sands, close to Newcastle.  The electricity generated will be sold via Private Wire. They each require funding of:

Capital to be raised:       £88.5m

Debt:                                 £68.6m

Equity:                               £19.9m

Swiss Bridge

Real Estate, Switzerland

Property Group Albego Real Estate Swiss seek to raise a short term bridging loan against two projects both of which are pre-sold.

Bridging loan

Capital to be raised:       CHF10m


Tech, UK

Developed software which allows secure and confidential storage of personal information selling into HNW and universities.

Capital to be raised:       £2.4m


Insurance/tech, UK

Offers a highly innovative loss recovery insurance and technology product. This will deliver cheap claim costs for insurers, with quicker claims resolution for the public.

Capital to be raised:       £3m