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Project Vulcan

£100 m equity and debt funding

Series A growth

The advent of Covid-19 has given further pressure for the restructuring of how Care Homes operate and is encouraging many privately owned homes to come on to the market. Vulcan will specialise in the fastest-growing and most profitable sector – residential care for dementia sufferers. It combines further opportunities to enhance profitability with higher occupancy levels, regular fee increases and reduced dependency on agency staff.

Sweet Analytics

£500,000 equity and debt funding

Pre-series A

Sweet Analytics is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that navigates the sales and the marketing function within a company. It assists marketing leaders’ decision-making to be quick, simple, and profitable. Designed for SMEs, Sweet Analytics provide consolidated insights on marketing and an experienced consultancy team providing analysis, action, and advice.


$10.0 m Funding

Growth Capital

FoodChek is an established and successful Canadian biotech company specializing in the ever-growing food safety market. Demand for Food Safety Bacterial pathogen testing and Viral testing for Covid-19 as well as demand on the world’s laboratories using enrichment media has soared. FoodChek has the solution to these issues; using their tried and tested enrichment media product, FoodChek has developed a COVID-19 testing kit that offers superior quality, as requested by the Canadian government.

UVC Allianz GmbH

£1 m equity and debt funding

Development and exploitation

UVC Allianz GmbH produces and distributes highly specialized equipment for the destruction of all kinds of germs (bacteria, viruses (incl. coronavirus), etc.), in hospitals by means of UV radiation in the C wavelength range. A new UVC LED medical air sterilizer is currently under development and will be available on the market within 3 months in different sizes for various applications.


£25 m debt funding

Growth capital

Disarmco Holdings Limited is a UK-based company which creates products and technologies for the disposal of unwanted munitions – through humanitarian and environmentally safe means. Disarmco is now building and integrating a system to dispose of large stockpiles of obsolete munitions to capture a highly lucrative market.

Grand Cascade Group

£20 m equity funding

Buy and build

Grand Cascade Group is an investment consortium engaged in the acquisition and management of outstanding care homes both in the UK and internationally. The retirement living private market is to increase by over 50% to £44bn by 2022. 86.4% of market share is held by small operators. The industry is still highly fragmented in the UK, therefore there is an opportunity to consolidate.

Hexa Resources

US$12 m funding

Acquisition & growth

Hexa Resources is a new UK based private coloured gemstone business, focused on mining and trading emeralds in Colombia, and Brazil, looking to become a leading player in the wholesale coloured gem market. The company has already raised ca. US$1.7 million of 1st and 2nd round funds and are now looking to raise an extra US$12 million.

Iolair International

£160 m equity and debt funding

Fund creation

Iolair International wishes to create a mining investment fund, which would raise capital for small gold mining companies that struggle to obtain loans from banks under present difficult market conditions. The main objective is to create a specialist investment fund which will focus on lending to small mining companies.


£1 m equity funding


LDN UTD is the first e-sports social enterprise. They are a team for e-sports and gaming fans who believe that gaming can and should be a platform for something greater. The company develops incredible players from all backgrounds and offers them a platform to play at their best.

Runflat Systems

£1 m equity and debt funding

Series A growth

RFS have developed the worlds first run-flat insert combining beadlock with run-flat support that can be fitted to a standard single piece drop-center wheel, in minutes and with no special equipment.​ Runflat CBR ™ is the first ‘Combined Beadlock Runflat’ for the single piece wheel. A lighter, less costly and easier-to-service alternative – don’t miss out on this chance to invest in a leader in the market.


£300,000 equity and debt funding

Series A growth

FaultFixers’ B2B maintenance SaaS helps businesses ditch whiteboards, delete spreadsheets, and toss the paper so they can be more productive, more mobile, and save money. The company is looking to raise £300,000 from Angels to grow aggressively, reduce CAC, and improve the product further. Product currently available off-the-shelf, but revenue per customer growing with product improvements.

Green Asset Portfolio Holding

€100 m debt funding / asset backed senior secured bond


Green Asset Portfolio Holding (GAP Holding) was incorporated with the strategic purpose of offering an asset backed senior secured bond to harness the great potential of renewable energy within emerging countries and allow investor to access profitable investment opportunities, with a positive cash flow guaranteed by government programmes. For series 1, GAP will acquire 100% of ordinary shares in two asset holding companies. Both operate state of the art solar photovoltaics assets installed in 2017/18.


US$2.5 m equity funding

Scale up

Regrowz Limited is a UK-based company specializing in organic, cruelty-free anti-hair loss products for both men and women alike. Its primary objective is to raise capital to conduct further engagement with a major US Omni-channeled drug, natural and specialty retailers, and hire employees to undertake phased development plans. Regrowz Limited is seeking US$2.5 m in order to improve internal infrastructure, USA Drug marketing, and preparation for Phase II fundraising.

Amaroq Limited

£3 m equity and debt funding

Series A growth

Amaroq Limited is a developer and manufacturer of outboard diesel motor engines. Its scalable patented technology offers a fuel safe, compact, power dense, efficient, lightweight diesel outboard solution to the market.

Hoxton Spirits

£500,000 equity and debt funding

Series A growth

Hoxton Spirits produces a wide range of spirits originated from natural, ethically sourced ingredients. They currently stock their products in various drink wholesalers and retailers in both online and offline marketplaces. The brand has also launched in strategic foreign markets.

RPS Scot

£23 m equity, debt and mezzanine funding

Series A growth

RPS Scot is using state of the art technology to improve ways in which energy is profitably produced from recycling tyres. There is now an opportunity to invest in a unique and innovative company, shaping the future of the recycling industry.

Banana Exchange

US$25 m growth debt

Bond raise

Banana Exchange, a New York based FinTech company providing funding to Merchant Cash Advance businesses across the US, is looking to raise up to USD 25m in growth debt. The company are looking to use this capital to capitalise on the current market opportunity in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Well-established MCA businesses are expected to see significant growth in business, therefore requiring additional sources of capital


ORock Technologies

US$30 m equity funding

Series B fundraising

ORock Technologies has developed, certified and commercialised a unique platform technology consisting of secure private network infrastructure and cloud services solutions focused on security, speed, and scalability for hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and edge computing use cases in highly regulated commercial industries and Federal government and military agencies.


£1.25 m equity and debt funding


TRUEinvivo is an in-body radiation measurement company focused on reducing patient harm in radiotherapy. They have 5 hospital partners, 6 international projects and patented CE-marked devices. The company is looking to raise up to £1.25 million of equity (£100k pre-emptions and £150k committed).

Westbow Capital

US$30 m founds sought

Property portfolio fund

Westbow Capital Ventures inc (Westbow Capital) is a part of the Westbow group of companies. Its primary objective is to raise capital in order to create a diversified portfolio of properties. Westbow Capital will focus on residential real estate located in Canada that maximise their rental returns and overall returns.


£450,000 equity funding


Students today face increasing academic and financial pressures, both of which can be eased through Yourtime. It’s fun, social, and brings tutoring into the 21st Century. Through this innovative platform, students are instantly able get someone to answer their academic-related questions. They can also be that someone, acting as a tutor, and earn valuable income by offering their services. Funding of £450,000 is needed in equity capital in order to primarily expand marketing, cover G&A and further develop their technology.

Advanced Gasification Systems

£3 m equity and debt funding

Start-up using mature technology

Advanced Gasification Systems manufactures & distributes a small-scale waste-to-energy system. The System disposes of difficult waste streams, safely and economically, delivering heat, cooling or power as an output. AGS Gasification Systems’ focus is on difficult waste streams such as clinical waste that needs to be destroyed at high temperatures, screenings from wastewater treatment plants, industrial residues and animal renderings from food processing. At the same time, the systems have huge global markets and multiple applications, with the individual identification of home/global customers and dealers.

Dr Will’s

£1 m equity and debt funding

Series A growth

Dr Will’s produces condiments that contain only natural ingredients and are a healthier alternative to other major brands available at the supermarket. Dr Will’s currently have their range in a variety of retailers such as Holland & Barrett and Ocado and the company has forthcoming deals with Waitrose and Tesco to stock their products in 2020. Dr Will’s had a total revenue of £239,000 in 2019 and are estimating their revenue to rise to £918,000 in 2020.

Green Bio Energy plc

£30 m Green Bond


Green Bio Energy Plc is a 100% subsidiary of Agrofarm London Ltd. The company are already operating three profitable power plants in Northern Italy and are looking to take further advantage of the Italian Government’s generous schemes regarding renewable energy. The company is looking to issue a £30m Green Bond to be listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange, which will provide a fixed income of 7.75% payable quarterly in arrears for a term of 5 years. The bond has been rated as ‘BBB’ by ratings agency Egan-Jones.

H2 Greenforce

$10 m funding

Growth capital

This is a unique opportunity to invest in the H2 Greenforce LLC, a global developer of Green Hydrogen and eMobility Infrastructure. Founded in 2020, the Company designs, develops and operates a unique, patented and innovative, self sustaining application for truly 100% green hydrogen and e-mobility infrastructure. Today, the management team has identified four areas of focus to achieve a revenue stream from sale of green hydrogen and electric / hybrid charging as well as development fees. The Company plans to be cash positive in Q1 2022 with double digit growth in subsequent quarters.

Kāriki Pharma

NZ$2 m new capital

Seed & start-up

Kāriki Pharma is on track to be the first company to enter the New Zealand medicinal cannabis market and export products developed in New Zealand. The company is the only licensed company to have direct experience distributing medicinal cannabis products internationally. Letters of Intent for off-take arrangements are in place with cannabis cultivation facilities to provide Kāriki Pharma with sufficient starting material before developing its own growing capabilities. After entering the local market, Kāriki Pharma aims to expand its manufacturing capability to meet the large international demand for New Zealand-produced medicinal cannabis products.


£1.5 m equity funding

Fundraising stage

Paysme is a platform bundling financial services for underserved small business communities to accelerate their transition to the digital economy. Their specialist industry apps include cab:app for taxis, Marketti for market traders & Fanslive for sports clubs.

Shop 2 Play

£2 m funding needed

Start-up stage

UK e-commerce is now worth over £115 billion and is constantly growing. Shop2Play (“S2P”) is a new, easy to use UK shopping portal that donates to good causes. Shop2Play donates 33% of its revenue to charity. In its launch campaign Shop2Play is donating to National Emergencies Trust and Acting for others. S2P’s £1 million prize draw ticket rewards are first to market in the UK and the global e-commerce rewards sector. Life changing windfalls are a powerful and proven motivator that encourage consumer engagement.


£10 m equity and debt funding

Series A growth

VoiceSage provide outstanding services to blue chip clients in the UK and elsewhere, including customer communications technology around billing, service, surveying, marketing, support and delivery operations. VoiceSage provides a solution that is proven over recent years to drive KPI supported quality improvement and cost efficiencies for clients. There is significant scope for international expansion and strategic acquisitions.