RPS Scott

RPS Scot is using state of the art technology to improve ways in which energy is profitably produced from recycling tyres. There is now an opportunity to invest in a unique and innovative company, shaping the future of the recycling industry. The company has spent 4 years and £250k working with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to create this validated opportunity.

  • 99% of the tyre waste is recycled into profitable, saleable components.
  • Plant efficiency levels warranted and insured.
  • Per annum RPSS could be seeing a total revenue of £10,392,060.

RPS Soctt’s M3RP™ (MACHINE – REUSE, RECOVER, RECYCLE PROCESS) uses thermal distillation/depolymerisation to convert feedstock into value added products of gas, oil and carbon. There is near 100% recovery of material.

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