UVC Allianz GmbH

UVC Allianz GmbH produces and distributes highly specialized equipment for the destruction of all kinds of germs (bacteria, viruses, etc.), especially in hospitals by means of UV radiation in the C wavelength range.

UVC Allianz GmbH has made every effort to develop, produce and sell a technology that can provide all patients undergoing medical treatment, all employees and the medical team with a clean, virus‐free workplace. UVC Allianz GmbH has developed a device to clean closed rooms from bacteria and viruses.

This new LED based device is currently under development and will be available on the market within 3 months in different sizes for various applications. The guaranteed benefit of “UVC LED medical air sterilizer”:

  • Eliminates Corona-Virus.
  • Eliminates bacteria, germs, viruses and fungal spores of all kinds- within 15 minutes max.
  • Effective on all surfaces.
  • Works without the use of chemicals.
  • Complies with all DIN and ESO standards.
  • Does not require any additional personnel deployment.

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