Green Bio Energy plc

Green Bio Energy plc is a 100% subsidiary of Agrofarm London Ltd. The company are already operating three profitable power plants in Northern Italy and are looking to take further advantage of the Italian Government's generous schemes regarding renewable energy.

Green Bio Energy are looking to purchase and refurbish up to 30 distressed power plants. The three power plants already in operation generate circa €2.4m per annum of EBITDA at optimum production, so the company are looking to repeat this success with an increased portfolio of plants. In addition, the company have in place a cost-effective procurement strategy, which will allow them to reap enhanced profits.

The company are looking to issue a £30m Green Bond to be listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange, which will provide a fixed income of 7.75% payable quarterly in arrears for a term of 5 years. The bond has been rated as 'BBB' by ratings agency Egan-Jones.

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