Nigel Ransom

Head of Procurement Services

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to work across a diverse range of industry sectors from automotive and aerospace through to food manufacturing and retail.

Variously described as a management consultant, project manager or change agent, I’ve worked with organisations, large and small, to assist with their business development, process redesign and improvement, change management and IT.

When I am working on a change programme I enjoy seeing that it makes a difference. If there is a tangible environmental benefit as well – helping businesses be less wasteful or to use less energy for example – that’s even better.

I enjoy the challenge of simplification, of helping businesses do things quicker and to make better use of technology. I am fascinated by the Internet of Things, especially in a supply chain environment where it can help us accurately measure and predict product flows.

An engineer by background, I started work in the aerospace sector where I spent time working in computing, analysis, design and programming. I subsequently moved into the consulting sector, working on large-scale outsourcing and procurement programmes for firms such as KPMG, Atos Consulting and State of Flux. I also worked as Head of Indirect Purchasing at Hain Daniels, a major food producer.

Whatever the job and whatever the context, I like to take a hands-on approach. Never shy of getting into the detail, I’ve got plenty of experience of leading and developing teams to deliver strategic, Board-level targets and cost savings.