At Elahi Fusion Consulting, we’re not afraid of giving an opinion. Unlike a growing number of advisers nowadays, we won’t hide behind risk management as an excuse for not providing our views on your business and the challenges facing it.

It goes without saying that we exist to help our clients create value. But we do that by employing independently minded people who provide expert, insightful, objective and opinionated advice. We do that by telling our clients what we really think.

It’s a traditional approach that we feel has fallen out of fashion in recent times. Yet it remains at the heart of how we operate and of what we want to be known for.

That’s why we employ advisers who have all held senior management positions of their own. Knowing what it takes to run a successful business, they’re perfectly placed to act as the critical friend, sounding board or coach that we believe many Board members or senior executives are in need of today.

We don’t deploy vast quantities of our own junior resources into our clients. We work alongside clients, recruiters or other partners to secure that resource if and when it’s needed. Our primary focus will always be to provide senior management with insight and support, to create a workable solution to any challenge and to bring together all the components needed to turn theory into reality.

We don’t believe in foisting ready-made solutions onto our clients. Our aim is only ever to curate a fit-for-purpose, cost-effective solution that helps address the challenge at hand.

The result is a viable alternative to the Big 4 providers, for clients concerned by growing audit conflicts or simply in need of a fresh perspective. We understand the levels of quality and professionalism that this requires. Why not give us a call to find out more?

Help you create value

Provide expert advice

Act as sounding board or coach

Create cost effective solutions