For any business looking to raise capital, opportunities to secure new funds may exist close to home, within their own property portfolio. Identifying (and then disposing of) surplus or non-core property assets is an obvious first step. However, there may also be opportunities for selling property and then leasing it back or for transferring existing leasehold liabilities. These are just two of the many ways in which hidden value within a property portfolio can be uncovered, unlocked and put to more proactive use.

However, understanding the particular nuances of commercial property requires a fair degree of specialist knowledge; something which is often lacking among some of the traditional high street lenders. Mistaking complexity for an unacceptable level of risk, they can shy away from all but the safest property investments.

Thankfully, there are plenty of other less well-known but highly specialist lenders who can help. Their comprehensive understanding of the finer points of commercial property investment risk means that they are ideal partners for helping businesses raise capital through their property portfolio. Connected to an extensive network of such lenders, we help clients unlock property opportunities that others may not have even considered.