Rachel Dudley

Assistant General Counsel

I’ve worked in the legal sector for 17 years in a variety of areas such as litigation, mergers and acquisitions, commercial real estate, employment and intellectual property. Throughout my career, I have drawn huge satisfaction from taking the problem I’ve been presented with, bringing together all the pieces and solving the puzzle.

It’s the sort of work which often requires you to think creatively and to research new topics. It is all part of the process of unravelling what needs to be done.

Having studied both criminal and civil law – but having opted to work in the latter – I maintain my involvement with criminal law by sitting as a Magistrate on a regular basis, hearing criminal, civil and local authority cases. I also hear Appeal cases at the Crown Court. This keeps me in touch with reality outside the corporate world and has an element of problem-solving to it, ensuring that our courts do not become a revolving door for criminals and that victims’ voices are properly heard.

The latter point is what also led me to become an accredited commercial mediator. A courtroom can sometimes be a rather restrictive environment, with people’s contributions limited solely to the details of a case. I love the traditions of the law but I am sometimes frustrated by how people can lose their voice when in court. Mediation is one way in which people can take back the power to say everything they feel they need to.

At Hyman Capital, I work on transaction structuring, share issue and allotment, regulatory compliance and all legal matters that arise throughout the business. I am also assistant COO and Head of HR so oversee company processes, recruitment and all HR matters.