Businesses sometimes fail to understand that, when they need to secure more investment, raising debt can be an ideal solution. For a start, it removes the concerns about potentially having to dilute their equity. However, going down this route raises so many questions – what is the best source of debt; how much should be raised; and what are the best terms, to list but a few.

At Elahi Fusion Consulting, we have many years of experience of brokering the debt conversations that businesses want to have with banks or other financial institutions, drawing on the extensive network of contacts that we have built up over many years.

We’re also able to help companies prepare all the documentation necessary for raising debt.

Today’s debt market features many different sources of capital. Some of these are associated with crowd platforms; which we don’t typically recommend. However, there are also plenty of other providers, offering alternatives to traditional debt structures, who are worth considering. We’re able to advise on which of these are worth a closer look.

In addition, we shall shortly be launching our own loan note business. This will enable companies to issue bonds for fixed interest rates, providing a fixed income to the institutional fund managers that subscribe.