Raising equity can be a tortuous process. For an entrepreneur who has started their own business, it can also be an emotive undertaking as it begins the process of diluting their personal stake. For that reason alone, it’s not something that we advise business owners try to do on their own; although we find that many still want to.

Simply raising all the required paperwork is a significant undertaking in its own right – and is something which needs handling professionally and pragmatically. This includes producing everything from the initial investment teaser and investor presentation through to the business plan and financial forecast. Ensuring that everything is present and correct and presented consistently can be a time-consuming exercise.

At Hyman Capital, we have 35 years of practical experience in this field and have a strong track record of successfully raising funds. Over those years, we have learned that one of the biggest barriers to a successful raise can be disagreements with a business about their valuation. For that reason, we will now never take on projects where we believe the valuation is unrealistically high.

For businesses who have already begun to prepare all their own documentation, we are happy to review and provide feedback on existing business plans, slide presentations etc – but we will charge a small fixed fee for such work.