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We currently have a range of investor opportunities such as the ones below which can be viewed and downloaded here.

Project Vulcan

£100 m equity and debt funding

Series A growth

The advent of Covid-19 has given further pressure for the restructuring of how Care Homes operate and is encouraging many privately owned homes to come on to the market. Vulcan will specialise in the fastest-growing and most profitable sector – residential care for dementia sufferers. It combines further opportunities to enhance profitability with higher occupancy levels, regular fee increases and reduced dependency on agency staff.

Sweet Analytics

£500,000 equity and debt funding

Pre-series A

Sweet Analytics is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that navigates the sales and the marketing function within a company. It assists marketing leaders’ decision-making to be quick, simple, and profitable. Designed for SMEs, Sweet Analytics provide consolidated insights on marketing and an experienced consultancy team providing analysis, action, and advice.

UVC Allianz GmbH

£1 m equity and debt funding

Development and exploitation

UVC Allianz GmbH produces and distributes highly specialized equipment for the destruction of all kinds of germs (bacteria, viruses (incl. coronavirus), etc.), in hospitals by means of UV radiation in the C wavelength range. A new UVC LED medical air sterilizer is currently under development and will be available on the market within 3 months in different sizes for various applications.