For any business today, the risks they face can come from so many different sources. Working in financial markets, running large-scale projects, being aware of potential legal liabilities; these are just three of a growing list of potential operating risks. And that’s before you even consider the risks that lie outside their control, such as accidents, natural causes or even deliberate, malicious attacks.

With years of experience of running complex projects and of working in both internal and external audit, our team can help to identify, evaluate and prioritise the risks you face. We’ll then advise you on how best to mitigate the impact of those risks – and how to capitalise on the opportunities that they typically accompany. Throughout it all, we’ll help ensure that risk-related uncertainty does not affect your ability to achieve your business goals

In doing this, we’ll advise you on risk frameworks, internal controls and procedures, including those arising from regulation such as Sarbanes Oxley and the COSO and COBIT frameworks. We can also provide project risk assessments, advising on risk likelihood, impact and suggested mitigation measures.