Steve Foster

Head of Customer Excellence

With over 20 years spent in sales and marketing – predominantly in the consumer electronics field – I know what it takes to help a business grow. I’ve worked with retail as well as distribution, operating in both domestic and export markets. This has shown me how to turn businesses around and to implement change – with a view to creating mature, sustainable growth and securing a healthy return on investment.

In fact, that’s what excites me most about the work I do; when I can see rapid, tangible changes occurring as a result of something I’ve been involved with. All the effort that goes into the toughest, most challenging projects seems worthwhile the instant that you can see how and where you’ve made a difference.

Through my work, I relish the opportunity to work with people at all levels of a client organisation, bouncing ideas off people up and down the chain. I think of myself as a real people person and I have a proven track record of being a result orientated team builder.

I love to lead teams by example, using my strong planning, negotiation and communication skills. This also enables me to work well under pressure. I’ve been fortunate enough to do this with some of the world’s most recognizable company names, such as Sony, Microsoft, Amazon, eBay, Tesco and Carrefour.

I’ve worked in some challenging overseas markets in the past which taught me the importance of getting a firm understanding of local practices and culture. I speak Spanish and have a good understanding of French.

These were all valuable experiences which I’m always keen to pass on to SMEs back here at home. The current market is challenging in different ways though, with bigger picture issues such as Brexit likely to remain unnerving for some time yet. The vagaries of such issues make it more important than ever before to take a pragmatic approach to everything we do.