Property costs are such a significant component of any corporate balance sheet that they are naturally the source of much scrutiny during any proposed transaction. Nevertheless, the property element of the due diligence process typically follows the same format. The vendor aims to demonstrate where the value lies in the property portfolio while providing reassurance that all potential issues have been thought through and mitigated. The buyer looks to pick holes in that appraisal, looking for concerns that can be leveraged during the negotiations and with one eye firmly on opportunities for further value creation. It’s an often repeated and well-understood exercise – and one that we’re well-versed in assisting with, on either side of the divide.

This can be a relatively straightforward and rapid process. Arguably, the more challenging part comes later, during the disposal or acquisition phase. Landlord negotiations, dilapidation queries, leasehold considerations and rental agreements are just some of the logistical challenges presented when trying to execute a post-acquisition property strategy. We can assist at every stage, ensuring that you are left with a property portfolio and strategy that is fit-for-purpose.