Who We Are

Established in 2005, Elahi Fusion Consulting Group is a boutique merchant bank and business advisor.

We help young, growing businesses to access new sources of funding and to properly prepare for any transactions they are planning to undertake – while also advising them on becoming more efficient and effective.

These activities clearly go hand in hand, as helping a business to grow and become more profitable – either organically or through acquisition – can only ever help it become a more attractive investment possibility.

Elahi Fusion Consulting comprises three distinct offerings. Through our Fund Raising Services, we offer deal structuring, refinancing and debt advisory support. We also assist businesses looking to access funding from the Enterprise and Seed Enterprise Investment schemes.

Navigating the fund-raising market can be incredibly challenging, particularly for those who are relatively new to it. Small start-up businesses and even experienced entrepreneurs can struggle to attract the interest of established banks and other capital-raising institutions, many of whom will not engage with deals under £500m. Filling that gap, supporting young and growing businesses at a vital stage of their development, is precisely why Elahi Fusion Consulting was created.

For clients who are involved in a transaction, whether acquiring or disposing of a business, we can provide Transaction Services support. Our services in this space include operational and financial due diligence, pre and post IPO support, benefit realisation and property portfolio planning.

In the third part of our organisation, Advisory Services, we provide a wide range of traditional consultancy services. These include operational effectiveness; finance function reform; business process improvement; sourcing and procurement; programme management; and sales and marketing support.

Typically, the businesses we advise are undergoing significant change; something which can often be linked to the capital or debt we have helped them raise. They recognise that investing in high-quality advice from a team of experienced professionals can lay the foundations for a successful transformation and ensure that it delivers the desired benefits.