Clive Hyman

Chairman and CEO Hyman Capital  

For as long as I’ve been in the business world, I’ve always been about common sense and getting things done.

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I’m a huge believer in the art of the possible, preferring the challenge of thinking differently rather than accepting that something simply can’t be done. That’s been at the heart of everything I’ve done since establishing Hyman Capital in 2005.

I’m also incredibly passionate about taking a good idea and seeing it all the way through to become a bona fide revenue generator.

For example, when I was at KPMG in the 1990s, I built the firm’s Transactions Services team from a standing start. Eighteen months later, we had built a team of 35 people and were generating revenues in excess of £6m.

I was also fortunate enough to have the chance to do something similar across the Atlantic, helping a team of KPMG’s US partners to grow their private equity transactions services business from $3m to $110m.

After becoming a KPMG partner in 1995, I was asked by the Board to lead the UK firm on sales and marketing. I set up K-incubator, a dot-com services business, for KPMG and also created and ran K-ventures, a KPMG UK partner fund.

As well as transaction services, my client work – which has taken me all around the world – has often seen me working on major change management projects. Thinking of the leading companies I’ve worked with, I’m proud to be able to mention private equity clients: KKR, BC Partners, CINVen, ECI, Gresham and corporate clients : GE, GE Capital, GE Equity, Bunzl, Morgan Crucible, Trelloborg and Guinness – to name but a few.

I also have plenty of experience of working in senior management roles in large listed companies, so I know what life is like on that side of the fence. I’ve been the CFO at CareCapital (now Advanced Oncotherapy), Wishbone Gold and PCG Entertainment.

In addition, I’ve been Chair of the Audit Committee and a non-executive director at both Petrol Ofisi and Boxhill Technologies, so I’m well versed in corporate governance and dealing with the dynamics of the boardroom both in formal meetings and communication between board members.

Add to that the fact that I’ve helped establish a loan note business (Bedford Row) and have been a chairman of a charity (Young Enterprise, East of England) and I like to think I’ve had a very rounded career to date. All of which means that I’m comfortable in a variety of corporate environments – and I know what people want and need from their professional advisers.